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Purely leather shoes With rubber soles All day comfort In black and brown leather colours Sizes 38-46

Footsmile sharp pointed
Ksh 2052.00

Purely leather shoes With rubber long lasting soles In black only Unisex modes Sizes 26-45. With laces

Back to school Unisex
Ksh 1350.00

Purely leather Rubber soles Size 30-47

Men's open
Ksh 999.00

Purely leather Rubber soles All day comfort Black and brown Sizes 39-45

Footsmile boot
Ksh 2484.00

Men's open leather sandals Rubber soles All day comfort

Men's open leather sandals
Ksh 1004.00

Purely leather shoes Rubber soles All time comfort Kiwi shine for maintenance Sizes 39>45

Men's leather official
Ksh 2160.00

Pure leather upper Quality soles All day comfort Sizes 39>45

Men's black official leather shoes
Ksh 1998.00

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