Olympic Triceps Bar


  • Perfect for triceps workouts
  • Olympic 2” sized barbell
  • Durable chromed steel design
  • Knurled handles for supreme hold
  • Bar Length: 88cm
  • Bar Weight: 10kg
  • Max Load: 115kg
  • Spin Lock Collar:2
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The bar offers an isolated workout for your triceps. The chrome finish will look stylish in your home gym. The Olympic barbell system makes it sturdy and robust while allowing the user for the quick plate loading. You can combine the barbell with Olympic sized plates in order to create a set and gain the full benefits of a barbell workout. You also have the freedom to add more plates, as your progress in your fitness journey.

The sturdy parallel handles of the Olympic Chrome Triceps Bar let you control the bar better compared to holding two dumbbells. It also makes it easier to keep your wrist straight while performing the exercise. The positioning of the handles engages the triceps muscle allowing you target your strength training.

You can perform a variety of exercises with the tricep barbell including Lying Triceps Extension, Overhead Triceps Extension, Hammer Curls and Front Raises.

Resistance training will give you numerous benefits including improved muscle strength and tone, improved posture, improved sleep quality and will help you gain muscles as you are losing fat. It an excellent choice whether your fitness goal is weight loss or muscle gain.

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